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The State Council enlarged recruit: launched one hundred railway highway airport project


20, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting. The meeting decided to strengthen the transport infrastructure construction in the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poverty-stricken areas: A is the implementation of the millions of kilometers of rural highway construction project; the second is the implementation of highway, railway, airport, a hundred channel backbone project. (sources of information, the most authoritative renewable metal price mechanism) http://www.lingtong.info
In addition, the meeting identified promote import and export stabilization good policies and measures, promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, to implement active import policy, focusing on support for the advanced equipment and technology imports.
The meeting pointed out that the protection and improvement of people's livelihood is an important focus of government work. Governments at all levels should focus on the concerns of the masses, and actively take the initiative as. Properly resolve the outstanding problems in education, health care, food safety, strengthen convenient service facilities, the implementation of the "food basket" the mayor in charge of, in community residents concentrated attention arrange special regional convenient vegetables and other agricultural products [1.57% funding research report] transaction, do reserve adjustment, to ensure market supply, improve and implement social assistance and security standards and price increases linked to the linkage mechanism, to protect the basic livelihood of the difficulties of the masses. The introduction of public policy and the interests of the masses closely related to public policy, to people-oriented, based on national conditions, local conditions, a wide range of views, not simply "one size fits all", improve the operability of the policy.
The meeting noted that the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poverty-stricken areas as the focus, strengthen the transport infrastructure construction, is to adapt to the longing of the masses, promote poverty alleviation program, an important measure to promote the coordinated development of regional. Meeting to determine, by 2020, in poor areas to build a wide coverage, deep access, to mention the quality of traffic network. One is the implementation of one million kilometers of rural road construction project, to achieve the township and the construction of the village road hardening, bus, transformation of the highway bridge, to improve the development of poor areas such as tourism and other industrial traffic conditions. Second is implementation of highways, railways, airports and other 100 backbone channel engineering, the basic realization of secondary and above with high grade highway coverage all county, highway, railway and basic coverage of the city (prefecture) administrative center. Promote border highway construction blank section. Increase fiscal and taxation, land and other policies to support, build and support both sound investment and management of long-term mechanism. The implementation of the "double hundred" project, can stimulate effective investment, expand employment, poverty alleviation and traffic amplification effect, for the benefit of millions of people.